One more thing - Crossover plugin

Edward Croft ecroft at
Tue Nov 18 13:57:29 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-11-17 at 14:18, Jack Bowling wrote:

> Best way to get streaming media in your browser is to install mplayer
> and the mplayer plugin for mozilla. Plays just about everything you
> throw at it.

I tried this and it said that it needed,, I managed to find all three and
install them, but up2date still complains with failed dependencies on I had to download and build that library. It is in place,
but up2date still doesn't see it. I did do an ldconfig. I will try to
reinstall it one more time. Since this is for ASCII art, is there a way
to force the installation of mplayer without it?
I tried --resolvedeps, but it seems to hang.

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