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Wed Nov 19 01:27:09 UTC 2003

In message <3FB9CD85.9030402 at>, Gordon Messmer writes:
 >law at wrote:
 >> GCC 3.4 hasn't been released yet, it's C++ code is binary incompatible with
 >> GCC 3.3
 >Oh.... son of a *&#@.  Have the developers just given up on a stable 
 >ABI?  :)
Definitely not.  In the compiler proper the changes to date are all
fixes for bugs in our implementation of the multi-vendor C++ ABI.  ie,
the changes bring us closer to conformance with that standard and as
a result also make it easier to mix-n-match binaries from different
compilers.  It's also worth noting there is a switch which you can use
to get a GCC 3.2/3.3 compatible ABI.

Things aren't quite to that point in the runtime library yet though.  In
fact the fact that the library's ABI and API was changing was one of
the major arguments _for_ going ahead and enabling the queued ABI fixes
in the compiler.


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