KDE 3.1.93 for Fedora spotted

Rob Park rbpark at ualberta.ca
Wed Nov 19 03:04:19 UTC 2003

pctech at mybellybutton.com wrote:
> Do you, collectively, prefer KDE or Gnome?  And why?

I've always been torn between KDE and Gnome. Overall, I prefer the 
usability of KDE (I've always found GNOME to have a lot of small 
shortcomings, like minor UI annoyances, that are nitpicky in nature, but 
all add up to a bad experience overall). On the other hand, I've always 
preferred the look of GTK2 to the look of Qt.

Also, RedHat has been seriously KDE-hostile in their distro releases in 
the past (I'm not sure if Fedora is any better), so for the most part 
I've just been using GNOME for the time being.

However, I saw the announcement for KDE 3.2 beta, and I saw the 
screenshots, and I absolutely loved it. With the advent of KE 3.2, KDE 
isn't ugly (to me) anymore, and since I've always found KDE to be more 
usable, I'll probably end up switching to KDE full-time as soon as it's 
released (I'm not brave enough to try the betas; I'll wait for a 'yum 
upgrade' to ask me if I want to install kde 3.2 before I switch :)

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