please recommend a video capture card

Kreg Steppe kreg at
Tue Nov 18 13:37:41 UTC 2003

I bought an ATI Wonder Ve for $39 at bestbuy. The Windows software was 
ok ... the card worked great under linux.
It is a no frills 'Cable or Composite in' card.


Mick Mearns wrote:

>Hello list;
>  I am running Fedora Core 1 on an older Athlon K7 650/256MB Nvidia
>gforce2 mx 400 box. (very nice btw)
>My daughter is in the USAf stationed in Japan, she haa an athlon XP
>3200/512 MB with ATI video and Viewsonic 15" lcd monitor.
>She runs XP pro.
>She has a very limited personal storage space and does not have
>physical room for a TV set.
>What I want to do is buy her a decent video capture card and a VCR.
>Then she can watch TV/Video tapes on her computer.
>As well as run her video camera into it (VHS) - no firewire or usb on
>the camera.
>She already has a DVD drive and CDRW on her system.
>I do not run XP and want to test the hardware and maybe duplicate it on
>my system before I ship it to her.
>What video capture card would you recommend?
>   Mick M.
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