Mozilla & Firebird randomly crash

Bob Arendt rda at
Tue Nov 18 15:12:49 UTC 2003

Possibly a font problem.  See
It mentions ttfonts-ja, but any truetype font could cause this.
Use "strace" to confirm the bug, then uninstall/reinstall the
misbeving font family, as described.

Hope this helps    -Bob Arendt

Benjamin Arai wrote:
> I have been having a problem ever since I upgraded my laptop from Redhat 
> 9 to Fedora.  Mozilla & Firebird crash under weird circumstances when 
> surfing the net.  For example, sometime google will crash it, and it 
> will continually until I reboot.  The problem is really weird.  I have 
> also noticed that if I use Konqueror then everything seems to be fine or 
> at least it hasn't crashed.  I was wondering if anybody else was having 
> this problem decides myself?
> -- 
> Benjamin Arai <_benjamin at araisoft.com_ <mailto:benjamin at>>
> Araisoft Corp.

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