Bad NTP in Fedora repository?

Mike Klinke lsomike at
Wed Nov 19 04:04:37 UTC 2003

On Tuesday 18 November 2003 15:08, Bob Arendt wrote:
> When I upgraded, it appears that the ntp daemon (ntpd) now runs as
> user "ntp".  My old /etc/ntp.conf referenced a /etc/ntp.drift file
> that ntp now couldn't write - ntp also wants to create a temp file in
> the driftfile directory. The new redhat scheme has the driftfile at
> /var/lib/ntp/drift, with the directory and file belonging to user
> ntp, group ntp.
> -Bob Arendt

I added a bugzilla note for ntp/fedora earlier today:

If you feel it worth your time and my description in bugzilla is 
adequate enough please add your comments and perhaps we can get this 
resolved to keep others from having to go through this same problem. 

What led you to check/discover the new user?

Regards,  Mike Klinke

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