mod_jk.. and apache / tomcat && windowmaker libdock

Joe josepha48 at
Tue Nov 18 17:03:23 UTC 2003

    I just upgraded to fedora core last night and now mod_jk
wont load in apache.  In order to get mod_jk to work with redhat
9 I had to recompile it and all went well.  However when I try
that with fedora I can't get the rpm to build.  

    Also what happened to libdock with window maker?

    Oh and is there any plan to make the gdm chooser in fedora
behave like it did in RH 9 where other window managers other
than GNOME and KDE were choosable?  I have fluxbox installed and
can use that (I edited teh Xclient-defailt file), but there is
nowhere that lets me choose that.  


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