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Scott Burns scott at
Wed Nov 19 06:18:51 UTC 2003

Fotios Nastos wrote:

>Hi.  I am trying to resolve a mouse problem (optical mouse exhibiting slowly 
>drifting cursor) so I would like to switch the mouse with another one.  Will 
>I need to reboot to get the new mouse configured and working?  I am asking 
>because the computer is running a calculation that will take a couple of days 
>to complete.  Thank you.
    while I havn't experienced it myself, unplugging/plugging in a PS2 
mouse while the system is running can cause physical damage to the 

    In practice, our three servers run on an old KVM switch which is the 
equivalent of yanking the mouse each time we switch over.  When you 
remove the mouse X will lose the mouse and will no longer respond to it. 
 Assuming the two mice are close enough to work without you changing 
your mouse driver, switching from the X session to a virtual terminal 
and back will make the system reinitialise the mouse and it should be okay.

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