Yum is not an .rpm package error message

BFD bfd at pcisys.net
Wed Nov 19 08:15:02 UTC 2003

Arindam Dey wrote:

>Dude you are not the only one having this problem. It is mostly being caused by wrongly configured proxy server in between you and your
>internet access.

I con't see how a proxy server is affecting this unless it is at my ISP.

There is no proxy server for my system. My browser is configured to 
connect directly to the Internet. It goes to
a Linksys firewall router set up for NAT, which then goes to a Cisco 
ADSL router as a straight connection to my ISP.

>Try running "file 'downloaded rpm name'". 

$file yum-2.0.4-2.noarch.rpm
yum-2.0.4-2.noarch.rpm: data
$less yum-2.0.4-2.noarch.rpm
yum-2.0.4-2.noarch.rpm: not an rpm package (or package manifest):


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