CD Recording software opinions asked

Thomas J.a.d.E at
Wed Nov 19 13:19:08 UTC 2003

I tried it, and it worked great!

Now, there are still 2 things bothering me:
1. It asks me to enable scsi-ide emulation on my other cd-rom for direct 
copying. How would i do that?
2. Your mentioned verify works very simple. I went through all the 
menus, but I couldnt find a verify option. Sorry for beeing that stupid, 
but where is it?

> Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:
>> On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 02:12, Thomas wrote:
>>> What is the CD Recording Software of your choice?
>> K3B seriously rocks!
> After having used xcdroast for I don't know how long I tried K3B and 
> it is really,really good. The thing I like best is that it is so 
> simple, that it actually saves you time. (With being simple I do not 
> mean less functionality, it's all there, but, for example verifying 
> and burning an iso is actually quite simple, so it should be just 
> point, click, burn and finished, and in k3b it is!)
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