CD Recording software opinions asked

Mikko Huhtala mhuhtala at
Wed Nov 19 15:10:07 UTC 2003

> What is the CD Recording Software of your choice?
> I personally cant find a 'verify' option in Gnometoaster. I
> personally feel uneasy burning CDs without verifying the content,
> but cant find any better recording software.
> Opinions?

I have been impressed with Nautilus' CD burning capability in Fedora,
but tried K3B anyway. K3B seems fine, but I find the need to configure
users that are allowed to write cds a pain. We use NIS for
authentication of a largish number of users (I know I know, but we are
on a relatively secure network), so configuring a cd writer locally
for this or that user is not a good idea. I do not know what exactly
Nautilus does, but it successfully runs cdrecord for a normal user
without cdrecord being suid root. Isn't this what every program should
do? Permissions should be handled using the console.perms file so that
whoever is logged on the local console has write access to the cd
writer device. It seems to me to be the only sensible thing to do; if
a person has physical access to the box, then suid root programs and
cdwriting groups are pretty irrelevant security concerns, and burning
CDs on a remote box over a network is probably not a good idea,
because someone else could be using the box, do something intensive
and cause the CD write to fail.

So, why oh why does K3B require configuration as root to set up


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