Wine configuration correctness score: 10.30%

Brian Connolly linus at
Wed Nov 19 16:29:55 UTC 2003

Wine configuration correctness score: 10.30%

So... I got that going for me.

checking miscellaneous stuff -------------------------
001. Checking for root user...                              OK.

--------------------------- checking Wine base files
002. Checking for file "wine"...                            OK.
003. Checking for correct .so lib config (please wait)...   OK.

----------------------------- checking config file
004. Checking config file access...                         readline()
on closed
 filehandle CFGFILE at ./winecheck line 523.
FAILED (/home/literati/.wine/config does not exist).
- ADVICE: it is ok in case you have ~/.winerc. If you don't, then you're
in trou

--------------------- checking system devices used by Wine
005. Checking sound device /dev/dsp...                      CRITICAL (no
driver for /dev/dspor used by other program?).
- ADVICE: module loading problems ? Read
006. Checking audio mixer device /dev/mixer...              OK.
007. Checking MIDI sequencer device /dev/sequencer...       BAD (no
drive                                                                         r for /dev/sequenceror used by other program?).
- ADVICE: module loading problems ? Read
/usr/src/linux/Documentation/modules.tx                                                                         t.

----------------------- checking registry configuration
008. Checking availability of winedefault.reg entries...    CRITICAL
"SHA                                                                         REDMEMLOCATION" not found in system.reg registry file).
- ADVICE: file winedefault.reg, the most basic wine registry
doesn'                                                                         t seem to have been applied using regedit.
009. Checking availability of windows registry entries...   NOTICE
"Defau                                                                         lt Taskbar" not found).
- ADVICE: A Windows registry does not seem to have been added to Wine as
ty                                                                         pical Windows registry entry does not exist in Wine's registry.  A complete orig                                                                         inal Windows registry entry set will *not* be available with a no-windows instal                                                                         l. Usually this will present no problem in running applications although this ca                                                                         n affect newer programs. Feel free to ignore this message in case you do use a W                                                                         indows registry, but have the SaveOnlyUpdatedKeys config setting set to N..

9 tests. 0 suspicious, 1 bad, 2 critical, 1 failed.
Wine configuration correctness score: 10.30%
[literati at localhost tools]$

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