Modems? Anyone?

Preston Crawford me at
Wed Nov 19 19:24:37 UTC 2003

>     So I take it you made no progress and/or didn't get my message
> before you went home- sorry about that.

I didn't get your message, no. Did you email me?

And no. I didn't make any progress.

First, Comcast told me they'd create the account manually since they'd screwed up and cancelled the account. Then I was told that they couldn't do that and I'd have to register. So we brought my wife's work laptop home and tried to register and the registration server was down. I called Tech support again. They said the registration server wasn't down and that it must be my modem. I said "whatever" and gave up. Woke up this morning and my modem had quit working period. Blinking lights. Then it started working again. I tried to register through Linux (since my wife was at work) and suddenly found a set of settings that worked. I got to the registration page *somehow* and found the registration server was still down. Called tech support again. Tech support confirms the registration server is down (weird, the last guy said it WASN'T down). He starts a ticket to get my account created manually (hey, I thought they couldn't do that - what a horrible company - great communication)!
. Great. Suddenly the modem stops working again.

Needless to say my wife and I are getting the ball rolling on leaving Comcast for all of our services. That's started today. I need a modem to bridge the gap. 
I know about the pros of serial external modems, I just need to make sure they'll work under Fedora. I found a Creative Modem Blaster for $60 at Office Depot. They say it's serial. Do you know if it's any good? Anyone? The standard, as far as I know, is USR. But I'm not sure if they have an external USR that does serial and not USB.


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