Modems? Anyone?

Rick Stevens rstevens at
Wed Nov 19 19:57:46 UTC 2003

Preston Crawford wrote:
>>    So I take it you made no progress and/or didn't get my message
>>before you went home- sorry about that.
> I didn't get your message, no. Did you email me?
> And no. I didn't make any progress.
> First, Comcast told me they'd create the account manually since they'd screwed up and cancelled the account. Then I was told that they couldn't do that and I'd have to register. So we brought my wife's work laptop home and tried to register and the registration server was down. I called Tech support again. They said the registration server wasn't down and that it must be my modem. I said "whatever" and gave up. Woke up this morning and my modem had quit working period. Blinking lights. Then it started working again. I tried to register through Linux (since my wife was at work) and suddenly found a set of settings that worked. I got to the registration page *somehow* and found the registration server was still down. Called tech support again. Tech support confirms the registration server is down (weird, the last guy said it WASN'T down). He starts a ticket to get my account created manually (hey, I thought they couldn't do that - what a horrible company - great communication
> . Great. Suddenly the modem stops working again.
> Needless to say my wife and I are getting the ball rolling on leaving Comcast for all of our services. That's started today. I need a modem to bridge the gap. 
> I know about the pros of serial external modems, I just need to make sure they'll work under Fedora. I found a Creative Modem Blaster for $60 at Office Depot. They say it's serial. Do you know if it's any good? Anyone? The standard, as far as I know, is USR. But I'm not sure if they have an external USR that does serial and not USB.

Any serial modem that accepts the Hayes "AT" command set and does NOT
say that it's for Winblows will work fine.  You can test it by using
minicom.  If minicom can deal with it, pppoe can.
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