problems with xmms and streaming audio

John john.g.e at
Wed Nov 19 20:32:42 UTC 2003

I cant help you but I recognise the same problem with xmms, that it 
I just cant get it to work properly. Nothing happens when clicking on
a link like tunein on shoutcast. I have to download the pls file, put it
somwhere I can find it, open xmms and play file. And as long as that 
downloaded file exist
xmms seems to find it and be ready to play it. I guess it would help to put 
all the favorite
stations in one katalog, but havnt tried it.


On Wed, 19 Nov 2003 21:03:55 +0100, Alexander Volovics <awol at> 

> I like to listen to some belgian radio stations while working.
> These stations all use mp3 streams.
> I use xmms + the livna xmms-mp3-1.2.8-0 rpm.
> 1) when I go to the stations website and click on the mp3 button xmms
> starts up and works perfectly.
> 2) if I close xmms and restart it and then click on the xmms 'play'
> button again everything works perfectly. In this case the url seems
> to be 'remembered', you still see it scrolling past.
> 3) however if I play some ripped (ogg or mp3) cd's with xmms first
> and then enter the radio station url with 'Ctl+L' and click on 'play'
> it does not work. I can't get it to play whatever I try.
> (and the scrolling url has disappeared).
> 4) also if I start a fresh xmms and select 'Play Location' (Ctl+L) and 
> then
> enter a radio station url and then click on 'play' again nothing happens.
> (By the way what does 'Enqueue' do in this context, it seems to
> have no effect whatever).
> 5) I can't find a way to save an url I played starting with 1)
> How do you make a list of urls. I tried creating a directory,
> the same as for cd playlists but I cannot read the thing.
> Are these (3,4,5) known problems with xmms. I could find nothing
> googling or reading the docs.
> If it is my stupidity or oversight can somebody please mail me the
> magic incantation for 3,4,5.
> Alexander
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