Swedish layout and NVidia driver install [was: (no subject)]

John john.g.e at comhem.se
Wed Nov 19 21:26:08 UTC 2003


I did it! I mean...

On Wed, 19 Nov 2003 21:27:20 +0100, Alexander Dalloz <alexander.dalloz at uni- 
bielefeld.de> wrote:

> Am Mi, den 19.11.2003 schrieb John um 21:05:
>> Hello
>> Ive been having two problems so far with Fedora.
>> - As I am swedish I would like to have a swedish keyboard, but after 
>> installation it didnt change and still
>> didnt as I tried from X.
> What settings do you have in /etc/sysconfig/i18n and
> /etc/X11/XF86Config?
>> - I have a nvidia fx 5200 graphic card and it worked splendid with RH8. 
>> Now after upgrading I tried to install the driver again. The 
>> installation program says it can not install due to an error. The log 
>> says that I have used a different
>> compiler from the one I used when compiling the kernel. I can fix this 
>> problem with an environmental variable assigned with the accurate 
>> compiler. The problem is that I do not know which compiler the kernel is 
>> built with--
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