newbie needs dual boot install help

Craig Chalquist chalquist at
Thu Nov 20 00:02:20 UTC 2003

Hi everyone:

I just joined this list and read some of the notes, and my impression is 
that my question might be way basic.  I'm sorry about that, but having 
perused the Fedora and Red Hat forums and faqs, I don't know where to go 
for help.

I've never installed any OS but Windows, and because I'm sick of crashes 
and costs and Billgatus of Borg, I downloaded the Fedora Core .isos, 
burned them to CD, and ran the install.  I'm doing this on a HP Pavilion 
8575C.  My current OS is Windows XP, and I'm trying to install Fedora on 
the formatted but blank D drive.  When prompted I said "Everything" to 
all the packages being offered.

When the installer asked me to include the GRUB boot thingie, I said 
yes.  I also told the partitioning to be automatic because I've never 
partitioned anything but an office cubicle before.  When DOS and Fedora 
showed up as default boot options, I picked Fedora, and hoped the boot 
loader would let me choose which one at startup.  Things went OK until 
Disk 3, when I got the following message:  "NO KERNEL PACKAGES WERE 
CHANGED."  Sure enough, when the install finished and I rebooted I was 
back in Windows once again.

What am I doing wrong?


Craig Chalquist, native of This Island California:

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