Is this list on a newsgroup?

Rick Stevens rstevens at
Thu Nov 20 00:06:21 UTC 2003

steven rosen wrote:
> Rick Stevens wrote:
>> It is.  I have a Mozilla filter that says, "If the 'To:' or 'Reply-to:'
>> field has 'fedora-list at' in it, put it in the local Fedora
>> folder".
>> Simple.  Works for any RedHat-style list.  Of course, if you use some
>> other mail system, you'll have to adapt that for your filter mechanism.
>> However, the "To:" or "Reply-To:" will ALWAYS have "fedora-list" in it.
> It works but the problem is sheer volume. My ISP (Adelphia) cust me off 
> after 500 emails.

That blows, but then so does Adelphia.  Switch to digest mode on your
list preferences.  That will cut down on the number of messages you get.
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