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> --What I need--
> I can suspend with apm -s as root, how can I suspend as user?
> --The History--
> Hi guys, I have a Toshina Satellite Pro 6100 with Fedora, I 
> never try to
> suspend it on linux 'couse I always think it's not gonna work, but
> someday I forget to plug it to the power and it goes to suspend mode
> after 1% on battery so I realize that my computer can suspend 
> on linux,
> now I read the apm manpage and see the command apm -s and it 
> work great
> so now I want to use suspend so I don't have to shutdown my computer
> anymore, my problem now is that I have to be root to execute this
> command and that is boring (changing to root everytime I want to
> suspend), anyone knows how to suspend my computer being user? I can be

NOt what you need but you can try
sudo suspend -s

no need to login to root. :)

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