Classifying Fedora users

Tom Diehl tdiehl at
Thu Nov 20 17:45:15 UTC 2003

On Thu, 20 Nov 2003, Scott Gose wrote:

> I've seen now a few places classifying Fedora Linux as a "hobbyists"
> distribution.  The Fedora page officially classifies it as for:
>     "Early adopters, enthusiasts, developers"
> Anyone else out there planning on using this distribution in production?
> Can we get the description on the URL above changed to include production
> systems?

Why?? You can use it anywhere you like. You are unlikely to get Red Hat to say
to use Fedora on production servers since they are touting RHEL for production
servers. I fail to see why a designation from a bunch of people writing columns,
who in most cases would not know a clue if it jumped up and bit them is important.
Especially for a distro that is not trying to make money, is not for sale anywhere.
is not supported, etc. If someone outside of Red Hat is trying to make a buck by
supporting it then it is up to them to convince people that Fedora is not a 
hobbyist distro.

Just my $.02


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