Naoko - gcj based goodies like tomcat ?

Gary Benson gbenson at
Thu Nov 20 12:41:17 UTC 2003

Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Balint" == Balint Cristian <rezso at> writes:
> Balint> Any plans to ship this with fedora ?

Yes.  As soon as possible!

> Balint>
> Balint> It works pretty well (for me), curios why cannot be shiped
> Balint> with fedora ?
> Right now there's a compiler versioning problem.  The gcc-ssa that
> is (will be?  I haven't been paying attention) in Fedora is more
> experimental than the one Gary has been using for Naoko.  And
> /usr/bin/gcj is too old to compile Naoko.  We'd have to import gcc
> 3.4 (-ish) to make this work.  Maybe that will happen, though.
> We'll need the same thing if gcj-eclipse goes into Fedora.

The only big patch that I can think of that Tomcat needs is the solib
(gcjlib?) URL one.  Tom, would it be possible to make this work with
the system libgcj?


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