Multiple logon

Peter Eddy petere at
Thu Nov 20 20:11:39 UTC 2003

Don wrote:
> While I'm logged on to one user id, can I log on as a different user, 
> then switch/flip back and forth?
> For example, I log on as user "don", but then want to log on as user 
> "bob", but not have to log off "don"? When I log off "bob", I'd "return" 
> to "don".
> For anybody here with some IBM mainframe VM experience, this would be 
> sort of like the "SESSION" command...
> Thanks
> Don Russell
> (North America: Pacific Time Zone)

You can 'su <user>' to change to a different user for the current tty, 
or if you want to have another entire X session running as a different 
user, get a new console:

   Ctrl-Alt-F1 (for example)

Then, login as the new user and type,

   startx -- :1

You can then swtich between X sessions with

   Ctrl-Alt-F7 (typically the first X session)
   Ctrl-Alt-F8 (the new X session)

Note that the particular function keys will depend on the your tty 
configuration, but these are typical.


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