can't update mozilla with up2date

Ken Chamberlain ken.chamberlain at
Thu Nov 20 20:33:52 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 14:32, Ben Stringer wrote:
>>Galeon is a light-weight Gnome browser based on mozilla's rendering
>>engine. You would be safe to remove it. Galeon was replaced by
>>in Fedora Core 1.
>>See the FC1 release notes for details -
>>Cheers, Ben
>OK, thanks all.  I'll se what the release notes have to say on this and
>give removing Galeon a whirl as I don't use it.
>I guess I have it installed because my FC1 install is really an upgrade
>install from RH9 which I presume had Galeon.  Can I expect to see more 
>hitches like this due to the upgrade rather than clean install?
>Kind regards,

Yes... "up2date --show-orphans" should show you any upgrade leftovers
(as well as non-FC1 extras).

Ken Chamberlain
University of Toronto 

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