wierd postfix error

Abe abe at flonet.com
Fri Nov 21 02:33:59 UTC 2003

I just set up pine on my machine.  For some wierd reason it hangs and then 
times out when sending a message.  This is what shows up in my maillog file

Nov 20 14:29:25 MYHOST postfix/smtpd[3590]: connect from
Nov 20 14:29:25 MYHOST postfix/smtpd[3590]: F0765EACDB:
Nov 20 14:29:25 MYHOST postfix/postdrop[3591]: fatal: uid=500:
unexpected record type: 84
Nov 20 14:29:26 MYHOST postfix/smtpd[3590]: warning: premature
end-of-input on /usr/sbin/postdrop while reading input attribute name
Nov 20 14:32:03 MYHOST postfix/smtpd[3590]: disconnect from

I checked to make sure sendmail was linked properly, and it is, but I can't 
figure out why it is doing this.  Has anyone seen this before?


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