Graphics Problem (: more info this time :)

Alexandre Strube surak at
Fri Nov 21 10:16:10 UTC 2003

Em Sex, 2003-11-21 às 03:36, Keith G. Robertson-Turner escreveu:

> > The problem I am having is this:
> > When I try the graphical installation, and after hitting the enter key,
> > I see the start of the installation and then the screen goes blank.
> The driver module for your graphics chipset (if there is one) is obviously
> not working. A quick google turned up this link:

Well, just try hitting CTRL-ALT-+ One or more times, and see what
happens. This happens with ALL via savage boards, and this happens since
as long as I can remember (like redhat 7). You can use it later, but
installation will go at 640x480. Savage will reach up to 16-bit color,

This board has a driver released from s3/via some time ago, but only for
old versions of xfree and mesa, and people from linux-video does not
seem particularly excited about porting this to fedora, also as Tim
Roberts, the old maintainer of savage drivers.

So, if it's your case, like is mine, save some money and buy a
ati/nvidia card... I'm almost looking at ebay for some old pci voodoo 4,
which works much better..


Alexandre Ganso 
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