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On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 17:09, G Henry wrote:
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> Anyone esle noticed when you select kde or gnome as you new session, and don't 
> make it your default one, then you still log into your previous session.
> My normal desktop os gnome, but when I select kde at the login screen, it 
> always goes into gnome. I have to use the desktop-switcher tool to change it.
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Not to be a jerk, but it pops up a window that says as much before login

That said, I always thought that was a pain.  Debian does it slightly
better in that it tells you that this is now your default session.   

I never understood this.  What is the reasoning behind NOT simply
logging in with the last session that was used?  Why does the user even
need to be informed?  S/he goes through the trouble of selecting from a
list, which typically includes about 2-3 mouse clicks.  Can't the user
be trusted to know what they are doing even sometimes?

I never thought it was that big a deal, but I'm seizing this opportunity
to whine about it.


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