Enterprise 3 and 12GB RAM

WipeOut wipe_out at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Nov 21 18:13:16 UTC 2003

Yong Jae Choi wrote:

> I have a Dual Opteron processors running with 12GB and Red Hat 
> Enterprise 3.  The system keeps crashing with 12GB but runs fine with 
> 4GB.  I have tried both Tyan and MSI boards.  Any and all suggestions 
> would be appreciated.

first things that pop into my head..

1. Have you tested all the RAM to verify there is not a flaky DIMM??

2. Is there a kernel for "bigmem" in RHEL and are you running it??

3. Phone RH support, if you have paid for RHEL ten you are entitled to 


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