How about slowing down the Fedora release cycle to allow for more QA???

Peter Boy pboy at
Fri Nov 21 18:42:47 UTC 2003

Am Fr, den 21.11.2003 schrieb Benjamin J. Weiss um 16:37:
> I've been using RH since 7.2 (okay, I know a bunch of you have been using it
> lots longer), but I can't remember EVER seeing this number of posts on a RHL
> release about things that are non-functional right out of the box.  Sure,
> plenty of security patches would show up, but at least for the most part, if
> you installed from the CD, things would *work* even before you got out to
> the up2date site and got stuff patched.

I don't see much more problems as with previous versions. There is much
more traffic here as on the old Red Hat lists. So you will see much more
postings - in absolute numbers - regarding problems - purely
statistical. The relative frequencies may be the same as before.

> I'm sure many of you are on both the fedora and redhat lists.  Notice the
> difference in the tenor and number of posts?  In an average day on the
> redhat list, I see around 100-150 posts, mostly "how do I configure this" or
> "what package does this" or other sysadmin type stuff.  Here, I see 300-400
> posts a day, with "this doesn't work when installed" or "this won't install"
> or "up2date/apt/yum doesn't work after a standard install", etc.

There is one big issue namely up2date and yum repositories. Red Hat made
the shift so switch from rhn to a separate fedora repository quite late
so during the tests not all bugs were found.

But if you use the core software and use pretty compatible Hardware, I
don't see more probs as usual.


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