How about slowing down the Fedora release cycle to allow for more QA???

Michael miketclew at
Fri Nov 21 19:24:35 UTC 2003

On 21, Ryan Daly wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 11:44, Preston Crawford wrote:
> > More to the point, can't you "track" different repositories?
> > 
> > Like, I only track stable in yum.conf, so I'm not getting that many
> > updates.
> Sorry for my ignorance here, but does someone have a quick explanation
> of what YUM is and where its involved in the up2date process?

YUM is a package management facility. I believe (correct my if I'm wrong
pls up2date users), that up2date *can* use YUM, to do it's package-list
retrieval/reconciling/installation and dependancy resolution stuffs. But
it surely doesn't (Or didn't) need YUM for that functionality.

It only comes into play, afaik, when you tell it to (Via up2date
setup/config) use YUM for pakage management. I'm guessing the advantage
to using yum, or apt, over up2date (Or, rather, an advantage) is that
you are free to use non-rhn package repositories.. be them mirrored or 
custom.. and not to mention it's a gui interface for yum. For apt we
already have synaptic... but yum did not, last I heard.. until new


Michael Clewley

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