NVIDIA driver compile

Scott Fones boson245 at msn.com
Fri Nov 21 18:32:19 UTC 2003

Thank you to all those that responded.  Ultimately, I searched the Fedora 
database.  Thank you all for your patience, I know people tend to repeat 
questions an annoyingly high amount.  That database is a very handy tool.  I 
wish more people would know about it, but thanks for the heads up.

Best Regards,

>From: Peter Backlund <peter.backlund at home.se>
>Reply-To: fedora-list at redhat.com
>To: fedora-list at redhat.com
>Subject: Re: NVIDIA driver compile
>Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 17:31:55 +0100
>As pointed out in the #fedora FAQ on fedora.artoo.net, there are rpms for 
>the nvidia driver, along with installation instructions.
>Go to
>Read the README, then download and install. Automatic configuration.
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