USB Card reader (resend)

A.J. Bonnema abonnema at
Sat Nov 22 00:34:24 UTC 2003

Rick Stevens wrote:
> I have a similar device.  The device itself will show up as a single
> pseudo-scsi device (e.g. "/dev/sda" or "/dev/sdb", depending on how
> many things are on your USB bus).  The media itself should show up
> as a partition on that device.
> You can "fdisk -l /dev/sda" (or whichever "/dev/sd" device it is) and
> see the partition table.  

I did this on several devices: from /dev/sda to /dev/sdz it always just 
returns without response. I do this as root.

I also tried fdisk -l /dev/sda1 through 10 and sdb1 through 10. No response.

I have no idea which device to look to. usbview can locate the device 
fine, no problem. As you saw in the previous, I just don't know what 
device to use in order to mount it.

Is there some kind of scan program, that tells me which scsi devices are 

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