RH 9 dist-upgrade problem

Michael Clewley miketclew at nepotia.org
Mon Nov 24 00:41:59 UTC 2003

On 21, John Velman wrote:
> I've been using Fedora to keep my RH 9 up to date for some time now with
> no problem. 

How, exactly, are you doing this? IE, mixing rh9 repos with fc1? Or by
fedora, do you mean rawhide? Or, by some chance, would you be
using/mixing them all?

I ask, because you have a very bizarre mix of symptoms for a rh9 -> fcX
upgrade via apt.

[... ... ...]

> Any ideas what is bad and how to fix it?

Not yet, It would help to better understand how you got to this point.
But it is pretty clear that your are have an unhealthy mix of packages
on your system.

> Yesterday in haste I posted this on the linux.redhat newsgroup and
> met with very little sympathy.  Messages to the effect: "that's what
> you deserve for doing a massive upgrade like that all at once."

Heh, chickens ;). I'm really curious what you are using for distro
repositories. Again, whether or not you are mixing and such.

> Hope someone here will be more sympathetic.

FWIW, I've perfomed, or assisted in around a dozen upgrades from rh9 to
fc 0.94,.95, and 1.. for both slim servers and fatty desktops, with apt.

I've ran into a few issues, but resolved them all with rpm and apt. Send
me your sources.list(.d/*.list)? file(s)?. It should help in
understanding the cause.


Michael Clewley

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