Top posting and "no subject" messages.

Roger Beever roger.beever at
Mon Nov 24 01:18:53 UTC 2003

> It does not help when your email client always starts you are the top of
> reply

I *never* understood that "excuse". I use mutt. The editor is vim.
Where does vim place the cursor when I start to reply? Right. At the
top. In what way does that force anyone to top post - other than pure



A little out of contest as I was making the point regarding newbies to Linux
OK find me a mutt and vim that my companies IT department will allow on the
Windows NT machines and I'll use them ;-)
But I will then get beaten up for bottom posting in a windows world.
All I was saying it takes time to get used to bottom posting when you have
started to branch out for the windowz world.

The point is better made along the lines of.

Because it interrupts the flow of information.
Why is top posting a bad thing?

Regards Roger

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