Web Forums

Jeremy Hogan jhogan at redhat.com
Mon Nov 24 01:22:11 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 14:40, Mark Mealman wrote:
> Are there any plans for some sort of official web forums for Fedora like 
> what Gentoo has at forums.gentoo.org?


We had Red Hat forums for awhile, and we had two bits of trouble, one
was that there was an awful lot of folks still on mailing lists, and the
second was that our initial choice in forum technology was poor.

I myself love the fact that so many Red Hatters hang out on the lists,
but I hate having to sift through the archives for old posts, as do
others which leads to many many many repeat questions.

We may bring them back at some point, but for now we have forums for Red
Hat Linx and Fedora at www.linuxquestions.org


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