yum vs. up2date

Jim Cornette redhat-jc at insight.rr.com
Sat Nov 22 04:56:12 UTC 2003

Ryan Daly wrote:
> I've looked a little through the manpage for yum and found that it does
> alot of what up2date does.
> Is there a difference between the two?  Does up2date call yum, or has it
> always?  Is yum the replacement for up2date?
> --

Up2date is a command line and a GUI enabled program that can download 
from RHN, apt or yum repositories.

For me, it is an easy to use program.

Up2date has a yum enabled program built into it. You don't need to 
install yum, but it is wise to have the program installed for "emerengcies".

I use up2date mostly, which seems to work as well as using rpm from 
locally installed programs. Up2date does get broken a lot. It is mostly 
due to python related changes.

apt-get with synaptic is a great combination to install programs that 
are not already installed on your machine. But mostly, I use up2date to 
retrieve programs available from my repository selections. It usually 
does a great job.

All three program install/remove programs are very helpful.


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