can't update mozilla with up2date

Lamont R. Peterson lamont at
Sat Nov 22 05:41:31 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 07:35, M.Hockings wrote:
> Ken Chamberlain wrote:
> I then ran the show-orphans and it lists a whole bunch of packages. 
> Other than a couple of things that I've installed later (wine and j2kre 
> 1.4) are all these things just taking up disk space?  If I remove them 
> as well (rpm -e) will it cause me any problems?  That is, my FC1 install 
> is an upgrade from RH9, so I am presuming that these "extra" things are 
> left-overs from RH9 that are no longer required for FC1 and could be 
> removed.  The list of packages follows for those interested...

I have heard/read some things here and there.  Going from memory (as I
am sitting in an airport writing this email offline) I may get some of
this wrong.  Please, everyone...feel free to pick these comments apart.

>    --show-orphans
>                List all packages currently installed that are not
>                present in channels the server is subscribed to.
> $ up2date --show-orphans
> aspell-en-ca-
> aspell-en-gb-

This surprises me a little bit.  Maybe there is a newer, non-conflicting

> dev86-0.16.3-8.i386

I think dev86 has been dropped (not being maintained by the author(s)

> exmh-2.5-8.noarch
> ez-ipupdate-3.0.11b7-1.i386
> glut-3.7-12.i386
> glut-devel-3.7-12.i386
> hanterm-xf-2.0.5-5.i386

I do not know what to tell you about any of these packages.

> j2re-1.4.1_05-fcs.i586
> jdkgcj-0.2.3-5.i386

You already know about your Java stuff.

> kde2-compat-2.2.2-9.i386

This is no longer needed, unless you have an app that depends on it.  I
do not see any such app on this list.

> libgal21-0.23-1.i386

I do not know.

> librsvg-1.0.2-8.i386
> librsvg-devel-1.0.2-8.i386

I do not know.  I would guess there would be a newer version or these
libs have been integrated somewhere else.  I will probably be
researching thih one in the next couple of weeks for other reasons.

> libunicode-0.4-12.i386
> libunicode-devel-0.4-12.i386

I am not sure but I think the unicode stuff has been updated
significantly.  Enough so that the new versions install alongside of the
old.  Someone else, please, correct me here.

> perl-CGI-2.81-88.3.i386
> perl-CPAN-1.61-88.3.i386
> perl-DB_File-1.804-88.3.i386

There are other recent posts on this list covering the Perl changes. 
Yesterday or today?

> pine-4.44-19.90.0.i386

Pine is deprecated.  I read somewhere that WU is no longer maintaining
it.  I do not think anyone else has picked it up, either.

> postgresql72-libs-1-3.i386

This old version is no longer needed.  PostgreSQL is updated.

> pxe-0.1-36.i386

Not sure...but curious, myself.

> qt2-2.3.1-13.i386
> qt2-Xt-2.3.1-13.i386
> qt2-designer-2.3.1-13.i386
> qt2-devel-2.3.1-13.i386
> qt2-static-2.3.1-13.i386

You should look to see if you have newer versions of all the qt packages
installed.  If so, then I would definitely dump these.

> qtcups-2.0-15.i386
> qtcups-devel-2.0-15.i386

These are no longer needed to have qt (and KDE) apps use cups

> redhat-switch-printer-0.5.16-1.noarch
> redhat-switch-printer-gnome-0.5.16-1.noarch

Since LPRng was dropped, we no longer have more than one printing
subsystem.  Therefore, we no longer have the printer switch tools. 
These are/were frontends to alternatives.

> soup-0.7.10-4.i386
> soup-devel-0.7.10-4.i386

What is soup?  Hold the puns, please.

> tripwire-2.3.1-17.i386

I have heard that tripwire was being dropped.  There is nothing wrong
with it, other than the company that makes the commercial versions has
decided to stop the open source version.  This might be a rumor, though.

> vnc-doc-3.3.3r2-47.i386
> watanabe-vf-1.0-11.noarch
> wine-20031016-1rh9winehq.athlon

Just like Java, I think wine is not a part of FC1 or RHL9.

Whew.  Though I would not want to do this kind of thing for dozens of
people on this list, I think this exercise is beneficial to at least get
people thinking through the details of their upgrades.  Usually, there
are several, no-always-easy-to-spot artifacts that are left
behind...a.k.a., orphaned.

Lamont Peterson <lamont at>
Guru Labs <>
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