Storage for servers??

WipeOut wipe_out at
Sat Nov 22 12:31:21 UTC 2003

I know this is a little off topic but I thought I would give it a try 
here anyway becasue I think the people in this group are the right kind 
of people to answer my question..

I am going to be setting up a couple of servers in the near future and 
these servers will have ever increasing storage needs..

One server will be a web/file server and the other will be a mail server..

I don't want to keep moving the data to bigger drives, I want to have 
the servers use a shared storage facility that runs RAID and that 
capacity can be increased as needed.. Preferably using ATA or SATA 
drives to keep the cost down..

I have looked briefly at things like SAN's but these are far to 
expensive for our limited budget..

I have also thought of NAS but I am not sure the access over 
NFS/ethernet will be fast enough.. Even gigabit ethernet may become a 
bottleneck.. I guess I could put a gig ethernet link between each server 
and the storage server so each server has a dedicated gig ethernet 

Anyway I guess you get the idea about what I am trying to do..

Has anyone setup something similar that didn't cost massive amounts of 

Anyone got any pointers to sites or products that would point me in the 
right direction?


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