USB card reader

A.J. Bonnema abonnema at
Mon Nov 24 04:48:51 UTC 2003

Gregory Gulik wrote:
> Do you have a flash card in there?  If not, the READ CAPACITY will fail 
> and there's really not much you can do with it.
> Make sure there is a memory card of come sort in there.
> BTW, I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but when dealing with USB 
> devices "devlabel" is your friend.  Once you figure out the device name 
> the first time use "devlabel" to label it so you can mount it by a 
> special symlink instead of the real device which is likely to change.
> Read the man page, it's pretty simple.

Ok, did that. It didn't help though.

devlabel add -d /dev/sda1 -s /smartcardreader

/dev/sda1 does not exist.
Failure. Since this device does not exist, it did not return an identifier.

Practically the same message was returned for /dev/sda.

Could it be a problem that it contains 6 containers for different kinds 
of smartcards?

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