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Sat Nov 22 18:04:39 UTC 2003

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I'm currently working on Tripwire for Fedora.

Proposed release: tripwire-2.3.1-18 (currently alpha)

The status so far is:

Currently implemented:
tripwire-2.3.1-2 source (clean)
rfc822 patch
mkstemp patch
Paul Herman's patch (<=GCC3.3, OpenSSL, STLport and others)

Not implemented:
fhs patch (broken, possibly obsolete, untested)
jbj patch (broken, possibly obsolete, untested)
gcc3 patch (obsolete)

Build environment:

Build status:
Built (target i386), installed, tested. All ok. 22-Nov-03.

All that remains now is the packaging, something that I'm not particularly
good at, however I'm working on it.

To do:
Post-install scripts for baseline configuration.
Fix weirdness with wrong paths in install.
(Currently I'm hard coding paths, rather than using variables)
RPM packaging and testing.

If anyone desperately needs this alpha copy now, please contact me, but be
warned there is zero post install configuration, so you will need to do
this manually. Sorry, but I won't have any time to help you with

As you've probably guessed, I'm working from a clean source, rather than
Red Hat's src.rpm. The difficulty is that Red Hat's specs and scripts are
just way too heavily modified and complex for me to work with. As I said,
I'm not great at packaging, so starting from scratch was just a lot easier.

I've been working on this for precisely 3 hours, so don't expect a final
release soon.

Any help (scripts & packaging) would be greatly appreciated.

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Keith G. Robertson-Turner
tripwire-devel at

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