Strange Problem

Peter van Egdom p.van.egdom at
Sat Nov 22 19:10:02 UTC 2003


For the problem with the missing shell on virtual console #2, try
booting with the option "linux allowcddma". I experienced the same
problem you described, in my case it was an issue with DMA access to my
CD-ROM device. See the following Bugzilla report for more information :

As for the missing logo, I think your video card is not 100% supported
by ISOLINUX (see


Op vr 21-11-2003, om 15:25 schreef Yanick Quirion:
> I want to install fedora on a HP Vectra VL420. When I boot from the
> first CDROM, the Fedora Logo is not display. This is not very a
> problem, but the other one is more important. I want to use fdisk to
> partition my hard disk. When I see the screen to partition HDD, I
> press CTRL-ALT-F2 to get a shell, but there is no shell started. If I
> make the same on another computer, by example an HP Omnibook, if I
> press CTRL-ALT-F2 from the same screen, I will have the shell (also on
> this one I saw the Fedora logo when I boot with disc 1).

Peter van Egdom <p.van.egdom at>

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