block-major-135 and Kernel questions

AuntieParticle AuntieParticle at
Sun Nov 23 02:15:50 UTC 2003

I have just upgraded from RH9 to Fedora Core 1 using the very helpful 
HowTo here:

It all went very well but each time I boot FC1 I see the following error:

modprobe: modprobe can't locate module block-major-135

Then it proceeds through the rest of the boot okay.

I looked up block 135 in devices.txt and it seems to be for SCSI disk 
devices.... of which I have none on my system.  Is there a way to get 
rid of this error?

Also, since upgrading to FC1 I now have 2 kernels that show up in Grub, 
the one I had with RH9 and the new one that FC1 upgrade installed. FC1 
boots to the new one by default of course and that is just fine. What 
I'd like to know is how can I, or even should I, remove the old kernel?


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