Yet another email about upgrading to Fedora

Marc Joffe marcjoffe at
Mon Nov 24 06:08:13 UTC 2003

Hi Jason,

To help stream line the machine you can skip the DHCP server as your router 
has this built in. Also, I am not sure why you are trying to run a DNS 
server as  you can probably just use your ISPs.

To preserve processing power I would not run X on the machine. This step 
will really improve the performance of the machine.

The only problem I have had with Apache and Fedora is that the Red Hat 
Apache configuration tool made a mess of my .conf file when I tried to add 
virtual hosts.. Other than that, no apache problems.

Lastly, my experience with Samba has been great and it is still running strong.

Good luck with the transition,

At 08:15 PM 23/11/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>I have structured my families home network of Windows XP/2000/98 and 
>Fedora Linux based computers around an older AMD K6-2 500Mhz machine 
>running Redhat 8.0.  Although I know that there has been a lot of previous 
>discussion about upgrading no one seems to have offered any sort of 
>semi-detailed list of things to watch out for/do during the transition.  I 
>say this after both looking through this list and search the net.  To make 
>things more interesting what i really want to do is save as many of the 
>configuration files as it makes sense to do, back up the current user 
>data, and then blow away the machine rebuild it.  That way I can have a 
>clean slate to build off of, reintegrating the previous configurations and 
>user data piece by piece, sanitizing them as I go, and giving my self the 
>best chance to put behind me the little weird glitches that I have seen 
>here and there with the current setup.  To this end, about two weeks ago I 
>downloaded the Fedora iso's and have been pleasantly working with them on 
>the Linux partition of my desktop box, trying to figure things out on it 
>before I mess with the server.
>That all said the server currently has the following roles that I need to 
>figure out how to replicate on Fedora before I do the install.
>1) NT Primary Domain Server using Samba 2.2.8a to provide these services
>     A) WINS
>     B) Roaming Profiles
>     C) Authentication (Based off of /etc/samba/smbpasswd and /etc/passwd)
>     D) Print server via LPRng
>     E) General Storage dump
>2) DHCP server running version 3.0pl1
>3) DNS
>     This is broken and is one of the glitches that I want to get 
> fixed.  I also want to get it interacting Dynamically with dhcpd, 
> something that I had working at one point but had to dismantle and have 
> never been able to get working again.
>4) Firewall/NAT using iptables
>     This role that will be replaced with a Netgear wireless 
> router/switch/firewall.  If anyone knows anything that I should be 
> particularly concerned with when doing this transition please feel free 
> to point it out.
>5) Personal email server
>     A) SMTP server using Postfix version 1.1.12 release 0.8 using 
> Maildrop version 1.5.0 release 1.8.0 for on the fly server based mail 
> filtering.
>     B) IMAP server using Courier IMAP
>     C) webmail access using squirrel version 1.4.2-1
>6) Webserver using Apache version 2.0.40 release 11.7
>     Being used to supply https access to my webmail.
>As you can see this server is being used to do a heck of a lot, possibly 
>too much, and before I can transition the machine I need to be confident 
>that I will be able to get the critical services (SAMBA, DHCP, SMTP, and 
>IMAP) up as quickly as possible after installation. I understand that the 
>list I have put together and the amount of detail that i have asked for 
>may be more then I should be asking, but I am hoping that other people 
>will benefit from it as well and that anybody that can answer even a part 
>of it will do so, because I know that I the past this and other email 
>lists have done so to the benefit of many.
>Thank you in advance
>Jason Corekin

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