Problem with i810 driver and AC 97 codec combo

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Sun Nov 23 11:41:58 UTC 2003

El jue, 20-11-2003 a las 17:42, Kojiro Dracomour escribió:
> Ok, I did a little research before posting this.
> Often I will get a message when trying to play sound
> of some kind that "Cannot open /dev/dsp: Device or
> Resource is busy". I'm using aRts. When I boot up,
> before anything else happens, no applications loaded,
> my soundcard is already occupied and I get this
> message. IF I am in KDE, and only KDE so far to my
> knowledge as I haven't really tested elsewhere

On KDE, open a shell terminal and do 'kmenuedit'

Then select the inductor of the problematic application, on command,
write a previous 'artsdsp'.

Example, for gmplayer (GUI frontend for mplayer), 'artsdsp gmplayer'.

This force arts to intercept the audio playback for /dev/dsp or similar
and correctly plays it. More details on KDE help, look for arts and his
> ,..

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