yum upgrade RH8 -> FC1 failed

Remco Veldkamp remco.veldkamp at xs4all.nl
Mon Nov 24 13:30:38 UTC 2003

Hello everyone,

# yum upgrade went fine on one box but it failed on another, spitting out this 

--- cut ---
Calculating available disk space - this could take a bit
Errors installing:
('file /usr/share/man/man3/CGI.3pm.gz from install of perl-5.8.1-92 conflicts 
with file from package perl-CGI-2.81-88.3', (7, 
'/usr/share/man/man3/CGI.3pm.gz', 0L))
--- cut ---

Actually there were 8 similar conflicts found between perl-5.8.1-92 and 

I'm thinking I can do:
# rpm -e --nodeps perl-CGI-2.81-88.3

and then retry:
# yum upgrade

Will this work? Does anyone have a less dirty solution? (This concerns a 
production server.)



AI student
Open Source fundamentalist

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