Exporting Man Pages

Øyvind Lode o-lode at online.no
Mon Nov 24 14:45:51 UTC 2003

Hello list.

I'm a quite new Linux user.
I would like to export man pages to a file.

Ex: I want to export the vsftpd man pages to a file.
I did that with the following command:

# man vsftpd.conf > vsftpd.txt

This worked very good and I can now read the exported file (vsftpd.txt)
with cat and vi.
It appears exactly like it does when reading from the man pages command.
But when I transer the file to a Windows box (XP) it doesn't look good
at all.
Some text appear "crypted" when reading in notepad so the file is hard
to read and some text is not readable at all.

I want to transer these man pages to windows and then create my own
documentation based on the vsftpd man pages and other man pages. Thes
docs I create will be used by other users on windows machines and some
will perhaps printed out the docs.

Some tips?


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