Exporting Man Pages

SEKINE Tatsuo tsekine at sdri.co.jp
Mon Nov 24 16:30:50 UTC 2003


From: Øyvind Lode <o-lode at online.no>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 15:45:51 +0100

> Ex: I want to export the vsftpd man pages to a file.
> I did that with the following command:
> # man vsftpd.conf > vsftpd.txt
> This worked very good and I can now read the exported file (vsftpd.txt)
> with cat and vi.
> It appears exactly like it does when reading from the man pages command.
> But when I transer the file to a Windows box (XP) it doesn't look good
> at all.
> Some text appear "crypted" when reading in notepad so the file is hard
> to read and some text is not readable at all.
> Some tips?

Probably code 0x08 (which is used to enbold characters and
make underline) cause "crypted" text.
You are able to use "col" command to get rid of them.

If you transfer the text with samba, try following:
  $ man foo | col -b | unix2dos > foo.txt

If you transfer the text with FTP, try following
  $ man foo | col -b > foo.txt
and transfer it in ASCII mode.
With ASCII mode, FTP server transfer CR->CR+LF automatically.

See Also
  man(1), col(1)

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