Installation Woes

Rick Stevens rstevens at
Mon Nov 24 17:56:33 UTC 2003

Timothy S. Mori wrote:
> Hmm.. It's strange that it would halt on the first CD. I had an install
> stall on the second CD due to a corrupted file. When I burned a new copy of
> the CD using different burning software (used Nero this time), which
> informed me that the image was too large and the disc would need to be
> "finalized" in order to fit everything on the one disc. This didn't happen
> when I was using another piece of software.
> I also didn't have this problem with the release just prior to Yarrow, which
> I burned on non-RW discs. It's possible that there's a problem with the
> image sizes for RW discs.

FWIW, many (and I mean MANY) CD drives have problems reading CD-RWs.
This is due to the dark color of the CD-RW and the color of the laser
used in these drives.  Many drives so cursed also have trouble reading
the bluish colored CD-Rs, also, while the greenish ones present no
problem.  In my experience, it's most commonly the 24x - 32x drives
that have this issue.

I'm just tossing this out as a warning.  Don't necessarily blame the
media--it could be an incompatibility with your drive.
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