Need Help - S3 KM133 CTX MS700 Combo

Mauro Faccenda faccenda at
Mon Nov 24 18:38:52 UTC 2003

In the section "Device"

Try adding a line:
Option "NoUseBios"

And get back to the savage driver:

Driver "savage"

You'll be able use the original driver, but still "unaccelerated".


Christopher A. Williams wrote:

> Need help on this one and fast!
> I got to know a guy who just opened a computer store down the street
> from me. He has local storefront i one of the big grocery stores in the
> area so he gets lots of traffic. To make a long story short, I got him a
> copy of FC1 and he was willing to install it on a PC in his front window
> for everyone to see.
> Well guess what, he has a motherboard and monitor combo that is driving
> FC1 nutz! It an S3 (Savage) KM133 on-board video set with a CTX MS700
> flat screen display. When using the default settings, X comes up in a
> mode that is beyond the monitor. I can't figure out how to get it to do
> what it's supposed to - display something. It's forcing itself to
> 1152x864 at 75MHz - and those settings aren't listing anywhere in
> XF86Config that I can find.

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