yum update (problem)

Bryan Anderson fedora at bryananderson.co.uk
Mon Nov 24 21:18:18 UTC 2003

I might have a problem with yum update. I and use yum and have set up 
the repositories and so on and can install/update individual packages
but when I just do a yum update I get:

....identical dependency loop exceeded
package xmms-mp3 needs xmms = 1.2.7 (not provided)

rpm -qa | grep xmms gives me:


So I am not sure what it is trying to update (presumably the version of 
xmms-mp3 on the servers is 1.2.7 and needs the same version of xmms), 
but as it then stops, nothing else gets updated.

Can a specific package be excluded from updates?

Bryan Anderson <fedora at bryananderson.co.uk>

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