Local cache for RPM repositories

Laurent GUERBY laurent at guerby.net
Mon Nov 24 23:14:09 UTC 2003


I have three machines at home (ADSL 512k) and I also maintain my mother
machine (far away, on 56k modem). I'd like to download packages
only once from my three home machines, and to be able to burn
a few CDs (or fill an external USB2 drive) with the updates when I visit
my mother. I'm using up2date and yum for now on fedora.redhat.com and

Is there a documented way to do what I want? May be mirror using wget,
tweaking /etc/yum.conf and /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources?

I've tried to copy /var/cache/yum from one machine to another
but on the new machine yum dies. Copying /var/spool/up2date
does seem to keep up2date happy though.

Thanks in advance,


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